Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015...."Post the new Christmas Video on your Facebook to share with others"

Hey friends and fam bam! 

I Hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving. We ate with the Smiths and it was bomb. I'd say all the things I'm grateful for but you'd be reading for an eternity so I'll save you the eyesore haha. This past week was pretty good, on Monday I got my ear cut open finally haha so now my ear isn't all swollen and filled with nasty ish. Now I have to go to a Plastic Surgeon to get everything fully removed but it's a lot better now than it was before the Dermatologist cut it open haha. It's a relief really. Then the rest of the week we were just busy stopping by people and getting them and the area ready for when we switch on Tuesday.  We met with the sisters for an hour and went over all the people we are working with and they did the same. It will be cool to meet new people.  I'm trying to have a good attitude about it notice I said trying haha. Anyway, we had a good last week here. We weren't able to see "M" cuz she was in New York but we did stop by anyway after church and we were able to talk to her son and show him the new Christmas video! He loved it and said it was a good way to start the day because he was going to work and he said he'll be looking forward to meeting with the sisters soon as well so that was awesome.

The new video really is sweet it came out today Sunday but we've known about it since last zone conference. It's such a good opportunity to share our faith in Christ with those around us. Just like last years' Christmas video and the Easter ones the church and God really expects all of us including members to use this as a missionary tool. Post it on Facebook get some good stuff on social media and flood our the bad stuff. Share it with your friends at work or school or with your visiting and home teaching families. A simple 2 minute video can help someone feel the spirit and see what the church is about or help someone feel the spirit after not feeling it for a long time. The lord has truly blessed us with the technology we have and the ways we can communicate with those we know throughout the world so let's use that! I wish we were a Facebook mission again, but we aren't so we have to count on the members here to post it. Also, we will be sharing it with everyone we come into contact with.

As Christmas approaches I realize this is my last Christmas in the mission so I want to do everything I can to share this video and gospel as a missionary while I still can. It's weird and sad to think next Christmas I'll be home haha.  I'd rather stay another year then go home that soon. Anyway, I love you all have a rad week and share the video with everyone!!! 

Elder Armijo
                                               To watch the new Video, click on this link  

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