Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015....Hump Day!

Hello Everyone,

 Well, I've been out a year. Lol . This week was very long and tiring. Tuesday we moved and it was an all day thing. We first moved the furniture from the sisters old apartment to our new apartment then we moved out stuff from our old apartment to our new one then we moved the sisters stuff to our old apartment or their new apartment. Kinda crazy. We had some help from the ward and other missionaries so that was cool. The frustrating part is we are pretty much white washing this area so we were hoping our area books would have been switched the day of the move but they weren't. In fact, it took until mid-day Friday for the mission office to realize that we switched areas and apartments not just apartments then they switched our area books. But from Tuesday to Friday we really didn't have anywhere to go or people to see except one of the sisters new investigators. He is pretty sweet, We talked to him about the great apostasy and when he heard what we believe his jaw dropped hahaha it was funny to see his expression but he is very open and we gave him some very specific reading to do before we come back. Other than that our week was full of frustration and organizing and arranging our new apartment. But it's nice being the first missionaries in an apartment cuz it's not all thrashed or have that used smell hahaha. Most apartments you go to they have crap from last missionaries and it's annoying so it's cool to have a new apartment. Another good thing is every morning instead of waking up at 6:30 and going into the living room and laying on the floor until 7, we woke up and went to the church every morning and I played basketball by myself haha Elder Wilson can't do much due to medical reasons but it's nice to be able to live so close to the church and be able to go play ball every morning. This is me trying to focus on the positive things about this switch because there are so many negatives. Anyway, Sunday night we watched the first Presidency Christmas devotional which was awesome. Bednar is such a boss. We have an upcoming visit from a general authority here in the FOM pretty soon and I hope it's him or Holland they like to throw down. Anyway, I love you guys and this church and my Savior Jesus Christ.Have a good week can't wait to skype in a few weeks wooooooo ! 

Elder Armijo

-Ice Skating today for District P-day (Kinda Blury)
-Me burning my shirt on my one year mark day!
-Me wearing the "Hump" day T-shirt Mama sent me and the  camel that gets passed around the mission on Hump day!
-The decorations in our apartment and one our door that Mama sent me

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