Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 28, 2015........"I will be getting transferred, It's been a blessing to serve here"

Well,  friends and fam what a week we had! Thank you to everyone who
sent me cards and gifts for Christmas you guys rock!! And merry
Christmas to all of you! Weird to think I'll be home next Christmas.
Anyway, we found out that I will be getting transferred out of
Deland which is kinda sucky but I'm glad to be getting another new
area.  I will miss this ward it's such an awesome ward!!
 I was taken care of here and I blame them for the weight I've gained 
because of how many times we got fed!! Haha. It's been a blessing to serve here
 and I'm grateful for the people I've met especially David.
 We took him on a temple tour this week and it went
so sick!! He drove us down to Orlando and it was a party. He told us
he's gonna stop smoking and drinking we haven't even taught him about
the Word of Wisdom yet hahaha. We didn't see that many people this week,
In fact, the only person we saw was David and we saw him literally
every day it was awesome!  He came to church as well and he stayed
for all three hours. I'll miss David, but I know he will be baptized and
bless the lives of many with his conversion. Christmas Day we went to
the Deans house for a brunch and it was a party!! I didn't eat much
though because we had burger king early in the morning and it messed
me up so I wasn't hungry until later haha but it was fun to hang with
the Deans and see them open presents. Then we went to the Clarks and
ate and that was fun haha more food. Then we skyped our families! shout out
to the fam. And then we went to the Bishops house and played cards the
rest of the night and we played scum and I didn't know how to play so
I ended up being scum and wearing a goofy hat the rest of the night
lol. I was so tired. But now I know how to play. So yeah, transfers
are on Tuesday so I found out where I'll be going and who my new comp
is.! It's weird to think I've been here 4 1/2 months already hahaha
times goes by so fast. I have a lot of pics to send also so look for
those! I love you all have a good week and a happy new year!! 

I'll send pics Later!!  If they are blurry, then I'm sorry.  I dont know whats up with that.   Love you all!!

Elder Armijo

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