Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 14, 2015...""Help Thou My Unbelief"

Well friends and fam what a week we have had here in DeLand. I don't even know where to begin we've had so much happen and so much that is yet to happen!! The highlight of is week was the amount of people we were able to see and teach. We are still getting to know everyone and the area so we are basically using the " hi were new and wanted to introduce ourselves do you think we could share a message about christ with you " and it's been working pretty great actually hahaha. I can't tell you all the people we saw or that would be a long letter but one person we saw was "K" and she is a new investigator and earlier in the week a member called us telling us she had an investigator for us and told us we needed to Come over and teach her right away haha so the next day we went over and first off members calling and saying they have people for you to teach is how the mission should be so when it happens you jump on it!  So we went to meet with "K" and actually met the member for the first time as well haha and we taught her and it was a really awesome lesson she had such good questions and concerns and man the spirit was so strong then the member asked if we could give "K" a blessing because she has gone through a lot and is going through a lot still and so after explaining the restoration and the priesthood elder Wilson and I gave her a blessing. Now normally I don't like giving blessings to people who don't understand the concept of a blessing or the priesthood but who am I to deny someone that? Jesus Christ wouldn't deny the man with the son who needed healing. The man only had little belief and faith " Help thou my unbelief" and Jesus still healed his son. So we gave her a blessing and it was awesome!! Afterwards, she said that she felt so much better and she had been feeling sick and like she had an ulcer in her stomach ( idk what that is ) and she said after the blessing that she felt perfectly fine and no more pain and that she was happy. Then the few days following we got phone calls from her and the member telling us that she had certain things wrong with her body before the blessing but now they are fine and she wants to keep meeting with us so it was awesome to be able to use the priesthood in the manner it is supposed to be used. Like my boy Elder Farnsworth said " It was amazing to see the priesthood work to bless other people". So we will be meeting with her next week so I'm stoked for that the Friday we had our ward Christmas party and I probably gained like 50 pounds it sucks I wish I could play ball for 3 hours a day to keep off the weight. But we get fed here a lot and that's awesome. But yeah it was an awesome week and this week should be just as good. We have our mission Christmas devotional on Friday so that will be fun. Love you all hope you all have a good week!!! Can't wait to skype next week!!!!  Time is flying "if time is money I need a loan but regardless I'll keep keepin on" - G-Eazy ....hahaha 
Wooo!!! #leedleleedleleedle #1yearmarkhascomeandgone #curtgoeshomesosoon #ilovetacobell #andwendys 
Elder Armijo 

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