Monday, November 21, 2016

November 14, 2016....."God Bless the United States of America"

Well friends and family another week down in Leesburg. First and
foremost let me start off by saying God Bless the United States of
America. We don't discuss politics much here but we are aware of what
has been happening and the result of the election. No matter who would
have won, we know the scriptures are clear and these are the last days
So, if they are, at least we will get to keep our guns during
them ;-) #Trump. Anyway this transfer is flying bye! We're already on
week 4! This Friday we have zone conference and Elder Schweitzer
from the 70 is coming. This past week was pretty good we were able to meet
with Sylvester 3 times again and he's grasping the gospel so well! He
looks at things in a logical perspective most of the time and it's a
good thing most of the gospel can be proven logically lol. He super
cool I'm excited for him to be baptized in the coming months. I love
the ward here. Although it is filled with elderly people they are just
as cool as the young family wards lol the elderly people are so funny
I laugh so much in church hahaha. I'm not laughing at them, I'm laughing with
them. Had to make that clear........ I love this gospel man. As my time
is coming to an end here in the mission field I keep reflecting back
on my mission. How great it has been and how grateful I am to have
served here and now. The Lord has blessed me so much I can't even try
to explain how lucky I am. Service has helped me see he bigger
picture. There is more to life than myself. 3 more weeks, 23 more days
and I will be on a plane home, never to serve in the capacity I have
served here again. I hope the Lord will be pleased with the effort I
have put in these last 2 years. I love you all and I'll talk to you
guys soon!

So the pictures are me and my random bloody nose I hope it doesn't
gross anyone out it got on my glasses too haha and was bleeding for
like 10 minutes straight non stop lol had to bleed into a sonic bag
;-) And some funny signs we saw while driving . Shoutout to Trump

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