Monday, November 21, 2016

November 7, 2016.....""God has answered his prayers"

Hey friends and fam its ya boy elder Armijo! I don't have much to
write about this week but only because elder Taylor and I were sick
for most of the week! Being sick on the mish is not the biz. But there
were some good things that still happened. Despite being sick we were
able to Meet with our investigator Sylvester 3 times this week! We
taught him about the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith and he was super
into it. Then on Sunday he bore his testimony and it was sick! He
pretty much said all other churches had tried to force him but that
our church didn't do that and he feels like God has answered his
prayers and that's is where he needs to be. He was like " I've been
meeting with the missionaries in hopes of becoming a member " hahaha
so that was super dope. He probably won't be baptized this transfer so
I will most likely not be here for his baptism but that's okay as long
as he keeps progressing! Then we also were able to meet with our other
investigator who is 10 haha his grandparents are members and he is
going to be  living with them for good so we've been teaching him he's
super cool and very well mannered for a 10 year old. So when we teach
him he understands everything which is good. We hope to have him
baptized soon as well! But other then that our week was sorta slow!
But another week down! That means I only have 4 left but who's
counting? ( my mom and curt are ) love you guys have a good week!
Elder Armijo

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