Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 5, 2015 Yooooooooooooooo

Holy it's already p day again ? Haha this week went by way to fast. But this week was awesome . After talking to everyone my sadness went away and I realized that I'm only here for a short period of time and the families I'm bringing to the gospel are eternal.(quoted that from queen B) this week was sort of slow but still sweet at the same time we had ZTM and also trainer follow up meeting so I got my iPad so I'm pretty much set now. I love these iPads I love watching Mormon messages hahaha I've probably already watched all of them twice since I got this thing on Friday. And the amount of resources we have is so sweet! We use videos I'm almost all of our lessons. Oh and by the way happy new year and Christmas hahaha I totally forgot cuz they're just normal days for us lol.i hope everyone was safe and partied hard for me. But anyways so this week I gave my first blessing which was pretty sweet. I said things I didn't even think I could say....does that make sense? Idk hahaha but it was an awesome experience. We should have at least two more baptisms coming up here in the next month or two so that's awesome. But besides that this week was pretty chill just a normal week of teaching and preaching and eating lol. I still haven't taken many pics hahaha I took a few with a member that's a body builder lol he's so swoll but besides that my area isn't really anything worth taking pics of lol. Oh and we just did exchanges as well so I went to a different area for Saturday so that was sweet. I'm starting to adjust better now and realize that Heavenly Father is in charge. This is his work and it's the greatest work on the face of this earth. I still struggle and I still get sad but as soon as I realize what I'm doing and why I'm here I snap out of being selfish and go to work. I love the people here they have made me feel so welcomed and it's so sweet. You know this week I was in studies and for some reason I just started missing the ward back home and all my leaders and stuff. The ward here is awesome but there's soooooo much drama hahaha I'm so grateful for my home Ward. B Ray, Bryant, Braddock, and McCook keep holding it down in C Town on that back row in elders quorum hahaha but really our Ward in chandler is so awesome I miss everyone in it so thank you all for helping me get to where I am today. This church is true, the book is blue, and Jesus loves you.  And ps what's up with no mail? I feel like you guys forgot about me already hahahaha oh and thank you so much brother and sister Farnsworth for the socks and the tie and everything hahahaha the tie is so sweet! Love you guys so much. And also Brenda and Alan thank you so much for the card really I love you guys so much I'm getting a letter ready for you guys soon and also for a lot of people hahaha today is letter writing day so I have like 12 letters to write. Well I love you all so stay Gucci! Oh and can you believe I've been out for a month already? I feel like I was in the MTC just last week! It's crazy to think that all the boys are either on missions or getting ready to leave. Just FYI to hunter and chad that homesickness does come hahaha when everyone told me it would I kind of brushed it off but when it came it hit me like a wrecking ball (Miley Cyrus jk) but don't give up push through trust in the lord and he will pick up u whenever you are down. I love you guys! Elder Armijo

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