Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015... "Heavenly Father is the Captain"

Hello friends and family!

This week was pretty slow. Most of our lessons fell through and we lost 2 investigators. And elder Pelos back has been killing him all week so we didn't do much. We will probably get full car now since he is unable to bike. I guess he fractured his spine before the mission playing ball or something hahaha and it never healed before he came out lol. But yeah. But guess what else happened. The family we recently baptized were confirmed on Tuesday night in the bishops office finally. They work on Sunday's so we decided just to do it during the week and not let anymore time go by. But anyways the bishops first counselor did the mom and dad in Creole cuz they don't speak English and as the dad was being confirmed and was receiving the Holy Ghost a thought came into my head and it told me that I was going to be asked to confirm the son a member and give him the Holy Ghost. And sure enough after the mom and dad were done the son said he didn't care who did it so the bishop asked me to do it! And I was like uhh yeah sure I've never done it before but il give it a go haha. So I did and as i confirmed him a member and he received the holy ghost all I could do was smile hahaha. And then I gave him a blessing and to be honest I don't remember what I said in the blessing but I said a lot haha. It was an awesome experience. But yeah that was the highlight of the week. Nothing else really happened kinda a slow week. But if there's one thing that I can take from this week it is how awesome hymns are haha. We don't have much entertainment but hymns and Mormon messages lol so I listen to hymns all the time and my absolute favorite without a doubt is Come, Come Ye Saints. Man that song is so freaking awesome I've probably listened to it over 300 times this week hahaha. My testimony is growing each day I am here and I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve the lord. Although I still miss home I'm starting to realize what my focus needs to be on and I am at peace knowing Heavenly Father is the captain ;-) (look at me, I'm the captain now) and he is in control of everything. Oh wow! how could I forget hahaha we committed someone else to baptism yesterday but he's a minor so he has to ask permission from his mom but I don't have any doubts :-) 

Elder Armijo

 My District
 My setup
 Our bikes
Temple Service day with Elder Davis!  Cleaning out the fountain
"My Family Booklets" Completed.  Olympia District

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