Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26,2015 "I will go and I will do the things the Lord commands"

Hey friends and family. 
  Well what a week hahaha. This past week kinda stunk to be honest. The last two weeks Elder Pelos back has been killing him from a previous injury before his mission I think he fractured his spine haha but anyway his back has been killing him so we haven't been able to do as much or go out as much and on Tuesday we had interviews and President told me I might be getting a new trainer who can finish my training sufficiently. And so all week I was upset that I could be getting a new trainer cuz I love Elder Pelo he's such a boss. But anyways the week went on and on Wednesday morning I found out my good friend from the MTC went home. He was in my district and I saw him every week and everything seemed fine.  I knew he was struggling but not that much. But Anyways when we found out he went home I got really sad. But anyway, so the week goes on and On Friday we get a text and one of the senior couples says they're bringing a  third bed to our apartment so we're like huh what? So they tell us whoever stays is getting a tripanionship haha so me and Pelo are like well we're both staying so looks like my new trainer is coming here haha. But they called us on Saturday night with our transfer doctrine and they say I'm being transferred to a new area with a new trainer and Pelo is staying and gaining two companions. Haha so I'm getting transferred and getting a new trainer and that's pretty lame but oh well. Like Nephi "I will go and I will do the things the lord commands"! Hopefully this next week goes better I'll keep you guys updated on the new area and everything! Love you guys!  Oh and I didn't take any pics but this is hilarious!

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