Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 12, 2015 "Maybe it's not your toes time"

Yo yo what's up friends and FAM! Holy cow it's Pday again haha the weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks on the mish(I act like I've been out ages lol). Well this week was pretty sweet! I'm adjusting way more and getting the hang of the routine and stuff so that's good. But anyways so the beginning of the week was pretty normal ya know we visited our usual LARCS and our investigators that we've been seeing. At first I was kinda bored with only seeing LARCS( less actives or recent converts) but now it's awesome and we are actually suppose to be focusing on them haha presidents orders. But anyway so this whole week I have been praying for us to get new investigators and find some new people to teach and nothing all week. And then Saturday comes along and that's the day my Comp was supposed to get his in grown toenail removed so we would have been stuck in the apartment for sat and Sunday cuz we were on bikes and he wouldn't have been able to bike. But anyway we get to the doctors place and for some reason the people didn't run the insurance when he gave it to them on the phone a few days earlier and his insurance cards neither of them work on the weekends lol which is weird but yeah so we we're like ahh nuts what's now lol. So he rescheduled and then we went to the temple with Rafael the less active that me and elder Pelo have reactivated since I've been here. We just went to walk around and talk cuz he's been going through some stuff but anyways as we're leaving the doctors to go to the temple I say to elder Pelo jokingly kinda "hey maybe it just wasn't your toes time you know how the lord works" lol. So we get to the temple and we sit down and it was cold and windy but we sat down and started talking and we sang come come ye saints which is my favorite hymn and then Rafael and Pelo started talking and I just said a quick prayer cuz we were at the temple and I again asked Heavenly Father to help us find new people to teach. And as soon i closed my prayer the phone rang and Pelo answers and it's the elders from a different area and they say that they have a former investigator that they were teaching and he went to jail and now he's out and he is in our area now! So we're like oh heck yeah swag man new gator to teach so we call this guy and he's like so pumped and wants to come to church with us Sunday and we asked if could meet with him in like and hour and he said yeah so we put him in for an hour later. And then another phone call from the sisters and they have ANOTHER referral for us so we schedule am appoint,net with this one for Sunday! So to make a long story short if Pelo would have gotten his toe fixed on Saturday we wouldn't be able to see anyone that day or Sunday but he didn't and now we have two new investigators to teach which is what I've been praying for all week haha. But anyways we had 5 investigators at church yesterday! Which was cool to see they all stayed for the whole time too. Well I'll be on for a while so email me if you can! Oh and by the way my legs are gonna be so ripped after my mission hahahaha biking kills my legs lol #legdayeveryday I took a pic of the temple that I thought was pretty cool cuz it's florida and there's a palm tree right there hahaha. It's cool having a temple in my area did I tell you we do temple service every Tuesday? Like land scaping and keeping up the temple grounds and stuff? It's pretty fun and they feed us chipotle. But we are going to the temple for a session this Friday so that should be cool. lol but that's the only picture I took this week sorry. 

Elder Armijo

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