Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014...2 weeks in Florida. "Come What May and Love it"

Well hey friends and fam. so this last week was christmas so merry christmas haha. skyping was awesome i loved seeing everyone. but after was the darkest time ive had since ive been out. i fell into a deep sadness. I miss everyone so much and it finally hit me that im gonna be gone for two years. the past few days have been really really rough and ive been homesick like crazy. i asked for a blessing and that helped me but i cant seem to stop thinking about home and what everyone is doing and its killing me getting used to not talking to everyone everyday. so i decided that since i cant talk to you guys everyday ill just talk to the man im serving. ive prayed a lot the last few days and i have literally poured my heart out to heavenly father. I am starting to feel alot better and realizing that heavenly father will be there for me and he will be there for everyone whenever we are going through a rough patch. i was trying to get my mind off these bad thoughts so i was watching the restoration movie and joseph smith was talking to emma and he said " perhaps i am meant to swim in deep water, better deep than shallow." and that has really helped me out these last few days. another elder told me a story about an elder that was really homesick and he sent a letter to his dad saying how homesick he was and his dad sent a letter back and all he said was " forget yourself and go to work". everyone thats reading this i want you to know that heavenly father is there for us, he knows us by name and we cannot do this on our own. relying on christ is the way to true happiness. these last few days have been rough as everyone said they would be.....i thought i could just come out here and put the tag on and automatically be a missionary.thats not the case.....we need heavenly father and jesus christ. i know this is sort of depressing but ive been going over a few scrips that ive grown to love and ponder these last few days. Ether 12;27 and Helaman 5;12. whenever youre going through adversity and satan is working on our every weakness read these scriptures they have been a strength to me and they will be one to you also. i love you all and i know this is where i need to be. thank you for the support. one last thing " no matter what youre going through, when you feel you cant take more, think about jesus christ he has been there before". Oh and one last thing we had a family get baptized this past saturday and is was sweet. ill be sending pics seperate. love you all

Elder Armijo

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