Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 19, 2016....." With hard work and a little fun"

Well Friends and fam first week in Conway has come to a close and it
was a long one! Whitewashing is so fun ;-) we still haven't met that
many people other than ward members. Our week was filled with us
stopping by everyone and I mean everyone in our area just to try to
meet them but we've only met like 5 less actives haha. This week we
have a little more planned and it's more organized so it should go
well and we are on bikes ;-) so we should be able to talk and teach a
lot more people than we would in the car. That's the idea at least. I
try not to think about going home but EVERY TIME we meet someone they
always ask " so how long you guys been out " lol so I'm constantly
reminded how much time I have left which is very little so I think the
lord is trying to keep me working hard and focused by reminding me
that I don't have much time left so I better work hard these last 11
weeks. This is definitely a new experience and also pretty stressful
but we are pumped and want to turn this area around. We know it isn't
gonna happen over night but with hard work and a little bit of fun ;)
we can have a good time here and ultimately help improve the ward and
the area.

last Beach P-Day in Cocoa :(

 Zone Conference with President Clark-He is a blessing to this mission.

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