Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October 3, 2016....."We cannot pray away another's agency"

Well friends and family it's your boy Elder Armijo. Another week has
come and gone here in Conway and I can't believe how fast it is going!
I've been here 3 weeks already man and September is over! That makes
me a little sad because that means I only have 2 months left but don't
worry I'm still pushing and working hard well trying to at least.
 This past week was pretty good we were able to set a new baptismal date for
2 new investigators named Jennifer and Julian who I may have talked
about before but idk. They are a mother and her son and they are super
cool! Julian is one of the most well mannered 10 year olds I've ever
met haha and he really understands everything we teach him and he says
he has received his witness through reading and praying about the Book
of Mormon. Then we also taught a new lady named Tina and she was super
dope her sister is a super active member and is such a good member
missionary and has prepared he sister to hear the gospel. We went over
and taught her and she said everything makes sense to her and she also
invited one of her friends to sit in and her friend wants to take the
lessons as well! So things are picking up here slowly but they are
picking up. And we got fed everyday this week which was a miracle but
sucked because I'm gonna come home fat and no one will recognize me
when I get off the plane lol. And of course we had conference which
was good as always. So many great talks I can't wait to listen to them
all again in a few weeks when they are on gospel library, one quote I
loved was from Robert D Hales and he said " we cannot pray away
another's agency ". which is one of the hardest things as a missionary
is watching someone use their agency to turn away from the gospel and
the message of the restoration and also watching family members
willingly chose not to follow the Savior anymore. But he is right we
cannot pray away their agency we can only pray that they will one day
receive their own witness and we can help them most by loving them no
matter what their choices are. I love my Savior and the opportunity I
have daily to repent and become better, only in and through Jesus
Christ can we return to live with our father in heaven. Have a good
week love you guys.

Ps. I was super bummed my man Elder Holland didn't speak but we did
get to hear from him in priesthood session and he threw down on home
teaching so everyone do you're home teaching and love those you serve.

Elder Chidester and I

 Watching conference/in between sessions.

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