Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 12, 2016......"Only after a trial of your faith, do you receive a witness"

Well friends and fam the end of week six has come and along with that
is transfers. I will be getting transferred on Tuesday and
whitewashing an area with Elder Oswald. I am pretty sad about leaving
Cocoa but I know this is what the Lord wants. I have more faith in the
inspiration in this mission than I ever have before and I know that
the Lord guides and directs President Clark to make these changes. And
it was confirmed to me when in sacrament I prayed for comfort and
peace as this transfer happens and the closing him for the meeting was
I'll go where you want me to go. No hymn could have better answered my
prayer. I've been so blessed to have served in Cocoa. Coming here I
was very upset to leave Kissimmee but I have repented of my pride and
the Lord has humbled me to know that he has chosen where we will go. I
have met great people and was able to be apart of my friend Doug
Sniders baptism and more importantly his conversion. And to see my
friend Tom grow so much in these last few months. As I told tom I was
to be transferred he immediately started to cry as did I and we
embraced each other and he looked at me and said " you have taught me
so much and I will never forget that " and at that moment , as I have
many times already on my mission, I knew why I was here, not only in
the mission but why I came to cocoa. I have faith that there will be
many more "toms" in this new area and it will be even more bitter
sweet leaving because this will be my last area where I will finish my
mission in just 3 short months. God is so good and has blessed me with
so many things I am no where near worthy of but yet he continues to
show his love and mercy to me daily. I'm so excited to go to
Conway because that is where Courtney , the first person I baptized
almost a year and a half ago in Olympia, is now located so I will be
able to see him for the first time since then. I have learned that
attitude determines everything, and as a missionary, positivity is key
to staying happy. I know I will continue to struggle and I know there
will be hard times in my new area but my testimony is that faith
precedes the miracle. Ether 12:6 says only after the trial of your
faith do you receive a witness. And I know God can do no miracle among
the children of men unless there is faith. I love you all and thank
you all for your support.

Elder Armijo

Me and Pearson helping Doug clean out his work shop
Me Pearson and Doug
Tom brother Adams and I
Me and the rosendorfs

I'll miss all of them so much!!

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