Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016....."God is with us"

Hello family and friends,

Another week down in Cocoa. It was a good week
because Doug was baptized on Saturday! So that pretty much made the
week. He ask Elder Goddard to baptize him and I was able to confirm
him on Sunday. The baptism was such a spiritual service as was the
confirmation. I'm grateful for the priesthood of God restored to the
earth again. Doug bore his testimony in church also ( it was fast
Sunday for us) and it was legit. He truly has a testimony of the
gospel. And then a non member who has been coming for a while got up
and thanked everyone for being so nice and he said he feels the spirit
so " somethings gotta be true " haha, His name in Tom and we are
teaching him as of Sunday he is super solid like I can't explain the
solidity of this man. He's been coming to church for 5 weeks and he
does all the homework whether it's reading up for lessons or praying
and he has no religious background so it's all new to him and he is
just learning and learning. We are seeing many fruits from our Labors
here. Sorry this email is so short. This week has been good for us but
as we have heard not good for Orlando. There's been a lot of bad stuff
that has happened on top of the stuff that you all see in the news. We
need not forgot God is with us all and we know things will get worse
before this get better. I love you all have a great week!! I'll send
pics of the baptism also shout out to all my homies getting home within
the next few weeks I love you all you know who you are.

Elder Armijo


1.  Doug's Baptism with me and Elder Goddard
2.  President Berry's last zone conference/Cocoa Zone
3.  Ron Jon's Surf Shop/Tag shot

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